When booking your wedding, you want to make sure that you have booked the best possible service providers that your money can buy. Some service providers include, DJ’s, photographers, videographers, venue’s & décor to name a few. How can you tell if a service provider is genuine, trust worthy and has the experience he or she claims to have? This can be a difficult task especially since there are so many ‘chancers’ out there.

We have put together a few tips to help you with choosing a service provider.


They say that first impressions last, this is very true with most people. You want to be happy with the service provider that you choose and the first time you meet will be important because it will set the foundation for your new relationship with your service provider. Having someone that is well groomed and dresses appropriately is not only a pleasure to be around but shows that he or she puts effort into their appearance. This does not mean that you should just book the most well-dressed DJ, but rather it means, try to stay clear of those that do not take interest in themselves.


Put together a list of a few suppliers that you like and setup a meeting with them. Note who arrives on time, and keep them on your list. If someone cannot get to a simple meeting on time, what might happen on your wedding day? If, for example, you setup your appointment for 5 pm and he arrives at 5:30 pm and tells you that traffic was bad, this is bad planning on his part because he should know by now that traffic in the afternoons is always going to be bad. Your wedding may take place in the afternoon too, so being timely is vital.


It is always nice to hear from other clients that have worked with your prospective DJ, photographer or videographer. If you supplier is happy to give you some references, this is always a green light, however, if the clients are surprised to get your call, this means that he did not ask them for permission to give their number as a reference and can mean poor planning. After speaking to some of the clients you will get a feel for what the providers service is like.


Asking for some sample work is a good way to see what type of service your provider can provide. A photographer can refer you to their website gallery, a videographer can refer you to their online portfolio and a DJ can send you some sample mixes.


Find out what type of equipment your provider offers, for example, if you want to book a videographer and he uses an entry level Canon camera, you know that those cameras do not do well in low light conditions and you may probably have very grainy video. Same with a photographer or DJ, equipment matters.

Happy Planning!

The Partymix Wedding DJ Team