Q: I like your packages, now how do I make a booking?
A: Please kindly send fill out our enquiry form and we will send you a quote along with a booking form. Once you get your booking form you may kindly fill it out and email or fax it back to us along with a 50% deposit payment.

Q: How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
A: Once you booking is confirmed, we will email you and SMS you a booking confirmation to let you know. You may keep this email or SMS as reference.

Q: Why do I need to book a professional wedding DJ for my wedding?
A: A professional wedding DJ will be timely, have prior experience in making weddings a success as well as have all the required music, sound and lighting equipment.

Q: How long before my wedding should I book my DJ?
A: Usually as soon as you book your venue, then that is a good time to book your wedding DJ.

Q: What is a pre-wedding meeting?
A: This is a meeting where you get to know your wedding DJ as well as go through music selections and details for your special day.

Q: We are out of town, can we have the pre-wedding meeting over phone or Skype?
A: Absolutely. Just setup a date and time with your wedding DJ and we would love to chat.

Q: What do I need to do to secure my DJ?
A: All you have to do if fill out your booking contract and send it back to us along with a payment of 50% of the amount. Once we book your function we will send you confirmation via SMS and email.

Q: When should I make my balance payment?
A: During the week preceding your wedding.

Q: Do you have different packages for me to choose from?
A: Yes we do. Please visit our wedding DJ packages page for more info.

Q: Can you customise a wedding package for us?
A: Yes we can. Please let us know and we will customise the package to your exact requirements.

Q: What reference should I use on my deposit?
A: Please kindly use your reference number on your quote followed by your name. Example, WD1234 James.

Q: How long have Partymix Wedding DJs been operational?
A: We have been operational since 1999.

Q: How many DJ’s are available?
A: We have 5 professional wedding DJ’s available.

Q: What music do you cater for?
A: We cater for Pop, Dance, House, Rock, Top 40 Chart, Hip Hop, Local Hits, 60’s, 70’s, 80,s 90’s, Oldies and more.

Q: What music will you play at our wedding?
A: We will play appropriate music that your guests will enjoy. We get an idea of your music preference during our pre-wedding meeting. We also like to read the dance floor, this helps us feel what music works best.

Q: How much time is required for setup & takedown?
A: We usually require 2 hours setup time before your guests arrive. We may however arrive earlier due to venue location and other factors. Take down time is 1 hour, please kindly arrange this time with your venue.

Q: Do you charge for setup & take down time?
A: This time is not billed for.

Q: What will my DJ wear to my wedding?
A: We wear a formal shirt, black formal pants and black formal shoes.

Q: Can we go over the booked times?
A: Yes. All you have to do is let us know at any time during the wedding. See your quote for overtime rates.

Q: Is there a travel charge for long distances?
A: Travelling in Johannesburg & Pretoria is free. We however charge standard AA rates + toll fees for other areas.

Q: Can our guests make song requests to our DJ during the wedding?
A: Yes. We will take requests for music provided that they are appropriate to your requests (usually no vulgar, hard metal etc.)

Q: What if the DJ is sick on the day or cannot make it to my wedding?
A: We will assign you an alternative DJ from our line up. Your meeting notes are kept on file so a transfer to another one of our DJ’s is possible.

Q: What if the DJ’s equipment breaks down?
A: In the very rate case that our equipment breaks down, we have a backup service that will replace the faulty equipment.

Q: I have music for the DJ to play, how should I give it to him?
A: You are welcome to provide our DJ with a flash stick, CD or hard disc drive with your music in mp3 format.

Q: What if we have to cancel or postpone a booking?
A: Should you like to cancel a booking then you will forfeit your deposit payment. Should you like to postpone your booking then we will put your booking on hold. Please note that should you request a date that is fully booked then you will forfeit your deposit.

Q: Why will I lose my deposit should I cancel?
A: Once we take your booking that date belongs to you. We stop taking booking for that date. Any other booking that comes through will be rejected. We do not double book weddings that is why the deposit payment is non refundable.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept EFT payments, cash deposits or cash on the day. Please note that if you decide to pay in cash on the day that you will have to make arrangements for the DJ to be paid before he starts playing.

Q: Are we required to feed the DJ during the wedding?
A: You are not required to provide a seat with your guests for the DJ. It will however be nice to supply the DJ with a meal at the DJ table along with some soft drink refreshments.

Q: Does the DJ take any breaks?
A: The DJ will have to take bathroom breaks every so often. This will not affect your music as we will keep a playlist running.

Q: Can we see pictures of past weddings?
A: Yes. Please visit our gallery menu to view our DJ’s picture gallery.